Advancing Toroparu to Production

Exploration Projects


The Upper Puruni Region hosts a number of mineralized systems in addition to the 6.9 million-ounce Toroparu Deposit. Several of these systems have been drilled and contain either satellite deposit gold reserves (Toroparu SE Zone) gold resources (Sona Hill), and gold mineralized intercepts in saprolite and fresh rock (Wynamu Hill and Ameeba gold anomalous features). Coinciding or overlapping geochemical gold anomalous features and geophysical anomalies indicate potential for additional mineralized systems along intrusive contact zones (e.g. at Timmermans and Otomung). Several of these areas have been mined historically for alluvial gold. Geologic evidence supports both definition drilling of existing mineralization system discoveries and exploration for additional deposits within the sigmoidal flexure structure in the northwest trending Puruni Shear.

Interpreted Restraining Bending Zone in Puruni Shear Corridor