Advancing Toroparu to Production

Exploration Projects


Reconstruction of Guiana and West Africa Shields

On a district scale, the gold potential of the Guiana Shield is vast, but remains untapped. The Guiana Shield is analogous to the West African Shield, with which it shares a common geologic history. More than 30 gold deposits have been discovered in the West African Craton, which has undergone systematic surface exploration over the last decades. There are currently over 30 deposits in production in that region, which have collectively produced millions of ounces of gold in this now famous gold district. In contrast, alluvial miners have discovered most of the existing deposits in the paleo-proterozoic rocks of the Guiana Shield, which stretches northwest across French Guiana, over Suriname and Guyana to Venezuela, and has been exposed to very little systematic exploration. To date, the Guiana Shield has produced only a few multimillion-ounce deposits, suggesting there are numerous possibilities to discover more world-class gold deposits in these mineral districts.