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Regional litho-structural interpretations from all available regional data including airborne magnetics & radiometrics, DTM maps, satellite imagery (SRTM, JERS images), existing geological maps and regional geochemical data lead to the interpretation that the Toroparu Gold-Copper-Silver deposit and its satellites lie within the southern part of a regional sigmoidal flexure structure of the Puruni shear belt, which is interpreted as a restraining bending zone.

Interpreted Restraining Bending Zone in Purini Shear Corridor

The Otomung Concession, located 20 km north-northwest of Toroparu, lies in an area that Sandspring's geologic model suggests may have similar conditions to those in the Toroparu area. Sandspring has conducted three systematic saprolite-geochemical surveys of the Otomung concession, with consecutive tighter survey grids focused on an interpreted elongated intrusive structure defined by multi-element saprolite geochemistry interpretation and airborne geophysics in the center of the concession.

Regional geochemical survey results including K-Th-U/Al trace element associations combined with the airborne radiometric data identify a possible elongated intrusive in the center of the Otomung concession, and the possible existence of similar plutonic structure further to the NW.

Otomung Concession, MAG RTP and saprolite geochemistry gold
Otomung Concession

The Au-Mo signature from the geochemistry surveys along the northeastern contact of the interpreted intrusive revealed a potential 8 km long NW-SE trend. The gold-moly trend coinciding with a magnetic low lineament of the same orientation on the airborne maps adjacent to a mag high possibly characterizing late Paleo-Proterozoic intrusives indicates possibility of a significant regional structure related to Puruni shear corridor.

Further infill sampling on a 100 x50m grid along the 8km linear gold-moly anomaly and 50 x 50m grid on the small anomalous feature to the north of the concession is planned for the next exploration campaign. Results from these surveys are expected to allow the identification of a reconnaissance drill target zones.

Otomung ProspectArea
Geochemistry Surveys
Otomung Prospect Area