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Wynamu Hill is an isolated geochemical gold anomaly situated '9 km north of the Toroparu deposit in the center of the interpreted Upper Puruni shear bending zone. It is one of several gold anomalies located within a large geochemically identified hydrothermal halo that extends for 20 km by 7 km around Toroparu.

Toroparu Au-Cu-Ag Deposit

Wynamu was first identified as a NNE oriented, 1 km x 500 m wide geochemical anomaly feature of continuous 100+ ppb values with a dozen high values of >500 ppb during regional geochemical surveys conducted in 2012 and 2013. Initial air-core test holes conducted in 2014 confirmed the presence of gold in saprolite and upper layers of bedrock.

A first phase reconnaissance drill program was conducted in 2016 consisting of 1,127 m in 14 inclined shallow diamond drill holes of average 80 m length along 3 NNW oriented drill fences. Gold was intercepted in saprolite and fresh rock in 6 of the 14 drill holes on the top and flanks of the Wynamu Hill feature.

Highlighted intercepts include 7.18 g/t Au from 0m - 21.5m in WYD013, 19.5 m of 1.18 g/t from 42.5m - 62 m in WYD003, and 9.0 m of 1.57 g/t from 32m - 41m in WYD014.

Bedrock drill core logging suggests gold mineralization is related to moderate quartz veining and fracturing, locally even brecciation, with abundant pyrite occurrence within and adjacent to felsic leucocratic and intermediate dyke sets.

The dykes intruded a sequence of layered, often porphyroblastic, volcanosediments (volcaniclastics) with some intercalations of intermediate composition lava flows. The dykes are often surrounded by halos of intense bleaching, carrying locally abundant pyrite crystals. Good gold grade is clearly related to abundant occurrence of pyrite and gold-pyrite mineralization.

Wynamu Hill Table 1

The oriented core data indicate that most of these dykes have a NE to ENE orientation which corresponds to the orientation of the geochemical anomaly, with structural data indicating most of quartz-feldspar veins and veinlets are +/- E-W oriented steeply dipping structures, which corresponds to the vein style in the Toroparu deposit.

ICP multi-element analysis indicate gold-trace element association is Au -- Ag -- Te -- Bi and a weaker correlation with Mo, which is like the one marking the Sona Hill gold mineralization. ICP analyses indicates systematic sampling of Ag in the gold mineralized zones is warranted.

Initial leach test work on Wynamu saprolite core samples indicate a 91% extraction of gold at 106 microns grind over a 24-hour leach residence time.

Systematic infill drill fences have been selected for the next exploration campaign to model the extent and grade of mineralization the Wynamu Hill anomaly.

Wynamu Hill Drill Plan Map